• Afrisun Orchard’s Directors

    “Providing premium avocados worldwide with quality, sustainability, and freshness. Taste the difference with us!”

  • Fruits Exporters in Kenya

    We only export premium quality, safe, and hygienic fresh products.

  • A Leading Force in Freshness!

    From the lush fields to your table, Afrisunorchards is a distinguished supplier of both organic and conventional avocados, specializing in the rich and flavorful Hass and Fuerte varieties. Our reach spans across continents, delivering these exquisite tastes to Europe, Russia, and the vibrant markets of the Middle East.

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  • Fresh Fruits Exporters

    We only export premium quality, safe, and hygienic fresh products.

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  • From Planting to Harvest

    We ensure end-to-end oversight from planting to harvest, upholding nutritional excellence and quality standards for our produce.

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  • Best Fresh Fruits Exporters Ltd.

    Leading global supplier of premium fresh fruits. Quality, freshness, and reliability are our hallmarks, ensuring delightful flavors to international markets.

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  • Our Orchard Farmers

    Delivering farm-fresh avocados worldwide. Partnering with skilled farmers for quality and sustainability.

Afrisun Orchards Exports: Kenya’s Gateway to Global Fruit Freshness!

Afrisun Fruits Exporters, we specialize in fresh fruits from Kenya, with a steadfast commitment to attaining the utmost standards of service and excellence within the realm of fresh produce. Our company boasts state-of-the-art and highly efficient warehouses, offering optimal storage and dispatch spaces. This strategic setup guarantees the preservation of the farm-fresh quality that our valued customers require.

Our objectives.

We ensure the highest standards are maintained when packing and handling our produce. This guarantees the quality and health standards as well as meet our key objective of Feeding Nations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish long term relationships with our trading partners, through provision of a wide range of premium quality products that meet global food safety standards, consistently and in a timely manner.


Our vision is to be a world renowned benchmark for excellent standards in the production and distribution of premium products that meet global food safety standards.

Our Produce

We facilitate exports through various modes, including sea, road, and air transportation.

Kenya fresh Fruits Exporters


Our specialization centers on procuring, carefully packaging, and exporting top-tier avocado products. This dedication guarantees that the global audience can relish the abundant flavor.


Afrisunorchards holds its head high in enabling the worldwide export of premium Mangoes.

Fruits Exporters in Kenya


Indulge in Afrisun Orchards’ exquisite passion fruit selection, meticulously nurtured for superior flavor and quality. Experience the essence of nature’s dedication in every bite, a testament to Afrisun’s commitment to excellence.

You should also know…

We focus on quality, consistency, reliability and sustainability in our production and export around Kenya

We are your trusted and certified exporter for top quality, fresh and delicious fruits.

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Experience the Vibrant Flavors of Kenya’s Finest Produce! From the lush taste of our Hass and Fuerte Avocados to the zesty kick of our Mangoes and Passion fruits, Afrisun’s Orchards is your gateway to authentic Kenyan fruits. Dive into a world rich in nutrients and taste. Reach Out to Afrisun’s Orchards and Savor the Essence of Africa Today!

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